The Best and the Worst of College Basketball Jerseys

College Basketball season is almost upon us. Along with it, comes the pride and joy of every (well, almost every) school: their uniforms. Some are historic, some are effectively designed, while some are controversial. Today, I am going to go through the best of the best, and the ones that are simply downright awful.

To start, let’s talk about the worst of the worst. The DePaul Blue Demons uniforms are almost good until the candy-cane stripes on the sides are revealed. Patriotic, but ineffective for the courts. Also in this category are the Oregon Ducks’ neon unis. They are electric for sure, but what was Nike thinking? The final school that has historically struggled with their basketball uniforms, is Notre Dame. From the 2013 lime-green atrocities to the 2015 gold and green eyesores, Notre Dame rounds out this category.

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Now onto the best. Where else to start but with the Hoosier’s historic red and white jerseys? These classics will never go out of style. Next up is the Villanova Wildcats. From the color scheme to the small detailing, these jerseys win all around. To conclude this category of jerseys, UNC-Chapel Hill takes the crown. Traditional. Stylish. The best (in my opinion) jerseys in all of college basketball.

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While there are many schools I did not cover (Baylor, Florida State, Providence, Washington State, Rhode Island, and more), these are what I believe to be the most note-worthy college basketball jerseys. Whether or not your favorite college team made the list, watch out for their jerseys this upcoming season.