Kansas State Barely Escapes UMBC in Round of 32 Matchup

The most impressive underdogs of the season, No. 16 University of Maryland, Baltimore Country (UMBC) Retrievers had nothing to lose in the match up against No. 9 Kansas State University Wildcats since they already had an impressive story to start off the tournament with. Falling short, the Retrievers lost 43-50, but still gave Kansas State a run for their money

UMBC senior Jarius Lyles scored an over all 12 points, and went 1 for 5 with his 3 point shots to close out his final season which also contributed to the 7 point difference between the two teams.

Wildcat’s junior Barry Brown Jr. went 0 for 1 with his 3s, but gained 18 points to help push Kansas to a spot in the Sweet 16. Sophomore Makes Mawien wasn’t far behind with 11 points being the number 2 shooter on the team this game.

As close as the game was, the first half was intense with basket for basket athletes paying their hearts out on the court.

The sky was the limit for the Terries, and all incredible stories have an ending point. UMBC did the unthinkable in their previous match up, and Kansas State knew they had their work cut out for them. While getting the job done the Wildcats narrowly out shot the Retrievers who were ready for the next round.

Kansas State will play the No. 5 University of Kentucky Thursday, March 22nd at 2PM to see who is good enough to play in the Elite 8.

By Cierra Loomis