No. 7 Duke Out Shoots No. 18 Miami

With the University of Miami (13-4) coming off of a loss to Clemson University in their previous game, Duke University (16-2) used that to their advantage and capitalized 83-75 at the stand off in Coral Gables, FL.

Blue Devils’ freshman Gary Trent Jr. went above and beyond scoring 30 points and adding to that was Duval with 17. The Hurricane’s missed the mark with their top shooter Walker IV making a small 19 points compared to Duke.

Miami kept right on the Devils’ tail through the first half at 40-42, but they slipped just too far in the second creating a bigger gap of 35-41 they couldn’t come back from.

After falling behind 66-53 with 11:25 left in the game, Duke went on a 18-0 scoring run, slowing Miami’s offense. They caught the Hurricanes at 66-all with 5:12 left

The Blue Devils closed the game by outscoring Miami 30-9 over the final 11 minutes.

Shooting a 55.2 precent in the first half, Duke enjoyed a 20-16 advantage in successful rebounds. Miami shot only 42.1 percent from the field but had 9 more field goal attempts, hitting 16 of 39 for the first 20 minutes.

On January 20th, Duke will host the 8-10 University of Pittsburgh in Durham, NC. January 24th, Miami will continue to travel to 12-6 North Carolina State University to see if they can gain a win.

By Cierra Loomis